100% Satisfaction Cancellation policy:

- You can change your rental dates (depending on availability) or cancel your rental booking until 60 days before rental start date for a full refund, (less a 10$ payment transaction cost). For cancellations within 60 days before rental start date, you will be charged only the deposit fee (30% of rental).
- You may also cancel your booking and receive a full refund within 48 hrs after booking, as long as the rental start date is not within the next week (7 days).

In case you can't find your preferred package below or if online booking is not for you, please send us an email and we send you a personalized quote. Don't hesitate to contact us: mailto:vancouver@rent-a-tent-canada.com.

We look forward meeting you in Vancouver and will ensure you will have a great Canadian Camping experience.
Note: We also speak Dutch, German & French.

New Booking:
Sun Mar 24 - Mon Mar 25, 2019

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